Vision & Values

Together, we are growing an innovative Multi-Academy Trust, to forge an outstanding reputation for world-class education. Our skilful use of resources empowers schools as great places to work and learn. Within a nurturing ethos, students flourish and excel, with the talent to influence the future of our diverse communal planet. Confident in their personal and local identity, everyone at ORBIS can exemplify our values defined below.

Together we follow a strategy:

Build a great culture

  1. champion and implement robust safeguarding, for students and staff, in- and out-of-school
  2. inclusively support our diverse spectrum of students, parents, carers, and employees
  3. attract, recruit, train and develop talented people committed to our vision and values
  4. delegate to local leaders and teams within schools, challenge performance, reward excellence
  5. promote staff well-being, personal growth, professional and career progress
  6. research evidence and try new ideas, work together on quality teaching within and across schools

Secure world-class outcomes

  1. see Trustees and Governors in schools, regularly monitoring our vision and strategy
  2. review statutory duties and mandatory reporting in cycle via our Scheme of Delegation
  3. review and develop academic and enriched curricula, excellent in depth and breadth
  4. set Trust-wide standards and policies, school plans and goals, and Key Performance Indicators
  5. gather integrated data reports for action, improve teacher and student performance and results

Use resources skilfully

  1. govern leanly, manage risk, to create net value for schools
  2. focus leadership skills on effective, responsive support, to strengthen improvement and autonomy
  3. use financial know-how/budget-from-zero-approach, for maximum student benefit
  4. invest in safe, productive and eco-friendly learning-spaces, technology, facilities, and catering
  5. communicate to attract Government and broader support, and funding for innovation and growth

Collaborate and grow

  1. build a hard-won reputation for all-round excellence in teaching, welfare, and estates
  2. partner widely with school stakeholders, other schools, business, government and civil society
  3. network intelligently as an agile problem solver for area schooling, offering specific solutions
  4. progress and manage expansion plans on time and under budget