Simon Buckley


Having been born and raised in South Wales, after being told by a careers’ officer that I would be over extending myself if I tried to become a laboratory technician, I studied successfully for a degree and a postgraduate teaching qualification in London. I taught in Northamptonshire for nearly twenty years, then after a career break when my children were young, moved for a short while into catering. Deciding that I wished to spend the rest of my working life in an interesting and fulfilling area I took on a role in Northampton General Hospital’s pharmacy and qualified as a Pharmacy Technician, where I spent the most enjoyable and stimulating part of my working life. My wife and I have two children who were both educated in the Kettering area, our daughter at Southfield School. During their earlier years I was a governor of their, small village, primary school.

I retired from Northampton General Hospital five years ago, and when my wife retired two years ago, we moved back to my home town in South Wales. Here I am able to pursue my interests in the countryside and cooking. A large proportion of my time is also dedicated, in a variety of ways, to helping our local church. 

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